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VCU Keep The Capital Cup

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

VCU Men's Rugby Wins against U of R in the Fall 2021 Capital Cup!

It was that time of year again, when cross town rivals face off for an old beat up trophy and more importantly, bragging rights.

The Game Begins

Pictured Above: VCU defends their try line early on.

The game began in a way that VCU certainly didn't favor as U of R quickly found their way into VCU territory. Despite this though, VCU held their defensive line admirably and continuously drove back U of R. Strong defensive tackles on the try line from the likes of Nick Jimenez, Mack King, and Nico Maric set the tone for the rest of the match. VCU fought hard to not only push their way back out of their defensive end but also score the first try of the match, courtesy of Houston Lair.

Half Time

Pictured above: U of R captain Cameron McKendrick sneaks into the VCU forwards.

Make no mistake, both sides were fighting to win this game and the rivalry between the two schools is unlikely to ever end. Yet, rugby is undeniably a tight knit community and there is always time for some laughs. Just after half time as the VCU forwards were waiting to set up a scrum, the captain of U of R stopped by to get in on the photoshoot. At this point in the game all was still to play for however and once the pause was over with, the two sides continued to duke it out.


Pictured Above: Match MVP Houston Lair and VCU captain Cecil Way with the cup.

An appropriate end to the fall season, VCU would go on to score a try in the last 5 minutes in order to nudge themselves ahead of U of R and cement the victory. The score came from VCU's number 10, Houston Lair, his second try of the match. This commendable effort earned him the MVP and his name on the trophy, a fitting end to his VCU 15's career as he would be graduating in the spring. Just the result that we were hoping for and you can bet we are planning on repeating this accomplishment once more in the Fall 2022 season.

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